Royal Salute The Lost Blend – Familiarly Distinct

By invitation of Royal Salute, in July I travelled to South Korea to try their brand new core range – read all about the experience here. And I was surprised. With both, whiskies and country. It’s funny how South Korea – despite the oceans and continent dividing us – is very similar to Brazil. They have almost everything we have here. But things are a little bit different. For example, there is chicken, meat, fish. But the spice is distinct. Beans are scarcer. But almost virtually every meal has something with kimchi.

In our superstition, number thirteen is unlucky. There, it’s four. The streets do not have many palm trees there, but there is plenty of cherry trees. In South Korea, almost everyone wears makeup, and that’s fine. Traffic lights speak and make a funny little noise when you cross the street, I don’t know why. And people wear pollution masks.

And the language, well, the language is totally and hopelessly different, to the point that I didn’t even know how to say yes and no or ask the taxi driver to take me to the hotel, because when I asked, he understood something else and dropped me in a bar. Which was a good surprise in the end, because I found it helpful to drink a few shots to cope with the jet lag. Of course, after having to use signs language to explain to the bartender what I wanted to have.

Per favore, I mean, bitte, ah, I give up.

And – to make a parallel with the purpose of my trip – Korea is to Brazil just like Royal Salute 21 The Lost Blend is to Signature Edition – that classical Royal Salute we all know and love. Because they share the same DNA. They are sophisticated, delicate and extremely pleasant whiskies.. They have beautiful porcelain bottles and exude sophistication. But, sensorially, they are distinct. While Signature is floral and fragrant, Lost Blend brings a wonderful spice and smoke.

In the words of Sandy Hyslop, master blender and creator of Royal Salute 21 Lost Blend, during its official release “I wanted a whisky that was very traditional in flavour. But when you nose the whisky, you will notice it has some spicy and bonfire smoke. And I encourage you to have a little bit of water with your whisky. When water is added, it brings an amazing type of clementine orange flavour. If you take a little sip of the lost blend, youll see the orange flavour comes through in abundance. But overlaid with this, is an amazing bonfire smoke. It’s a wonderful hazelnut flavour coming from traditional oak casks used in blend. Again, this Royal Salute Lost Blend has an amazing long finish. It takes a long time to disappear on the palate, and then is when you get the smoky flavours coming through.”

Sensorially, for this Dog, Lost Blend is very close to Sandy’s description. It is a delicate blended scotch whisky, extremely sophisticated and not aggressive at all. It has a discreet smoky taste. In the nose, however, what stands out is a citrus fruity aroma, very characteristic, indeed, of the traditional Royal Salute. However, in the palate, one can easily notice a dry smoky taste, more present in the finish. It is an extremely complex whisky that looks – and tastes – both familiar and new.

Royal Salute 21 The Lost Blend contains in its composition some rather rare malts from silent distilleries – the name given to those that have been mothballed or demolished. Among its most precious ingredients are Imperial and Caperdonich malts, as well as Dumbarton Green grain whisky. Incidentally – in an educated guess – the deliciously smoked component of the Royal Salute 21 Lost Blend is probably the desired Caperdonich. It is because of the use of these rare elements that whisky bears its name “The Lost Blend”.

The Caperdonich

Royal Salute 21 The Lost Blend is part of Royal Salute core range. However, it is the only expression of the trio you will find exclusively in Duty Free shops around the world. That is, to get a bottle, you will need to travel – but not to Korea. Lost Blend will probably be available soon on our international airport freeshops.

For me, tasting the new Royal Salute 21 The Lost Blend is like traveling to Korea. It is something new and exciting. But there is also a pleasant sense of familiarity. That it is not totally unknown to us, and it brings us a feeling of both joy and comfort. Feeling, this, that only a blended scotch whisky so traditional and sophisticated could bring.


Type: Blended Scotch Whisky – aged 21 years
Brand: Royal Salute
Region: N / A
ABV: 40%

Tasting notes:

Aroma: Floral, with almonds and lime orange.

Palate: Sweet, honey, citrus and fresh fruits. Black pepper, cinnamon, cloves. The finish is long and becomes progressively dry, smoky and spicy.

With Water: Adding water slightly reduces the peppery flavor and makes smoky more evident.

Availability: Duty Free shops from International Airports

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