About the Dog

Welcome to the Bottled Dog. If you’re reading this, it’s probably because you like whisky. It could also be because your browser brought you here while you were looking for something
about dogs, or bottles – or dogs in bottles. If the last option is the case, then you’re sick.

The Bottled Dog is written by brazilian whisky enthusiast Maurício Porto, and translated into english. To check the portuguese version of this website, click here.

Mauricio developed an interest in the drink after a trip to Scotland, where he visited several distilleries and learned something about the whisky-making process. To find out more, he has taken part in a number of whisky courses, including a level 1 course at the Wine and Spirits Education Trust in London (WSET) in spirits, and various Scottish, American and Japanese whisky tastings.

The Dog’s main intention is to be informative. That certainly doesn’t mean rewording what is on the bottle. If it did, the Dog wouldn’t be a blog; it would be a final thesis of course whose only reference was Wikipedia. Here you’ll find whisky reviews, trivia, tasting tips and cocktail recipes – the very best cocktail recipes, i.e. those that contain whisk(e)y.

Amusement is optional. Be advised – you’ll need a lousy sense of humour.